American University in Cario, Egypt

American University in Cario, Egypt

A central goal of the guidelines was to establish continuity throughout the campus and at the same time create diversity of place. Both traditional and modern architectural traditions were encouraged to create a state of the art places and buildings that will remain current for many generations of studentsĀ and faculty.

Throughout the campus emphasis was placed on informal learning by creating outdoor meeting spaces with flexible seating that could be moved from dark to light spaces as well as from sunny to cool shaded arcades depending on the time of year. The entire campus, both indoors and out, has internet access.

The various campus areas are linked by formal gardens and shaded passageways allowing students and faculty to walk from classes or recreation or residence halls through gardens, shaded arcades as well as through an interconnected series of courtyards that link the entire campus together all within a short time.

Careful attention was given to the landscape design of the open spaces as well as to reinforce the quality and character of the different parts of the campus through color and the planting of water efficient ground cover and various types of trees.

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