Lulu Island, Abu Dhabi UAE

Lulu Island, Abu Dhabi UAE


Lulu Island is already one of the most desirable locations in the United Arab Emirates and when developed, will become one of the most valuable in the Middle East.  It has all of the ingredients to ensure long-term value — location, amenity, quality residential, and community facilities that people desire, with a compelling “island living” lifestyle proposition.  These timeless real estate fundamentals are supported by Lulu Island’s investment zone status and are set within an environment of economic stability on the doorstep of a thriving capital city.

RMW experts have been involved with Lulu Island from its conception through detailed planning and approvals and most recently, design management for the owners, Sorouh Real Estate PJSC in joint ownership with Mubadala Development.  Sorouh and Mubadala are transforming this 500 hectare manufactured island into a new tourist and residential district for Abu Dhabi.

The vision aligns with that of the Government’s as outlined in Plan Abu Dhabi 2030:

  • “To develop Lulu Island as a primary site for Abu Dhabi’s people, unfolding the history, achievements, personality and culture of the city – creating a memorable place to visit
  • To integrate the island as a new district – one that would reflect the emergence of the UAE’s capital as a global city and a gateway of the Middle East
  • To create a self sufficient community that captures the essence of island living and delivers a unique island lifestyle through a series of diverse walkable, pedestrian friendly neighbourhoods supported by amenity and services within easy reach.”

The resort village is a very special place. This memorable setting is the focal point of the  island and will be vehicle free. A combination of commerce and culture with a traditional way of living will thrive within this modern mixed-use coastal village.

With a carful balance of residential, hotel, retail, restaurants, social, cultural and civic uses this neighborhood will represent modern island living as it was in a traditional setting but designed with all the benefits of technology and environmental design.

The village is raised slightly to give it visual prominence, stunning views and to accommodate underground parking .It is designed to accept a people mover which will allow residents and visitors alike to travel from the heart of the capital city to the beach by public transit.

A  hotel will provide the main lodging, food and beverage as well as beach management of the GulfSide Village which consists of about 150, 000 sm of built up area in a mix of courtyard houses, rooftop apartments with extensive terraces and a full compliment of retail, service and cultural amenities all within a walkable vehicle free setting.

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