Education, Health, and Institutions

RMW has worked with educators and the leadership of higher education institutions for many years to create new campuses and individual facilities to meet the needs for higher education around the globe.

RMW also partners with health professionals, MDs, and clinicians to deliver a wide variety of projects in the health and medical sectors.  In this way, we combine state-of-the-art thinking on health service delivery drawn from our entire portfolio with detailed specifications and dependencies that only seasoned practitioners can specify.

RMW has pioneered the integration of emergency medical services delivery with improvements in urban mobility and facilities and human resources supply chain considerations.  In our Integrated Emergency Medical Services Network (IEMSN) approach, we recognize that facilities alone often fail to deliver promised benefits because of gaps embedded within the service delivery value chain and/or a discontinuity in the interchange between medical services and other vital services delivered within the urban framework, like traffic flow, water and power, data and information, or call center/communications.  The solution is a systems aproach whereby the complexities of service delivery can be broken down to manageable scales before they are solved.

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