Without water there would be no life — it is the world’s most precious natural asset. Sufficient quantities of clean water for human use, economic growth, and ecosystems can be ensured only if we manage this resource prudently. RMW believes that an integrated, comprehensive approach is key and the rationale is simple: within a watershed, the effects of human activity are concentrated in the quantity and quality of fresh and coastal waters. Society’s requirement for clean and safe water means management of the resources itself; balancing water use to support urban populations, agriculture, industry, and the environment; ensuring reliable supplies of potable water deliverd by efficient organizations; and managing our wastewaters economically and in compliance with applicable regulations.

Rubin Mallows experts have worked with more than 200 water and wastewater utilities in the US and the UK and dozens of national, regional, and local water management agencies in North America and in more than 50 countries worldwide. RMW has helped A&E firms, technology developers, solution providers, chemical and materials suppliers, and many other types of companies explore, enter, and grow within the US and overseas markets for water and wastewater management.

RMW experts are often called upon for their breadth and depth of knowledge across the entire water sector value chain and their understanding of the relationships between government and private participants in the supply of safe and adequate drinking water as well as effective and efficient management of municipal and industrial wastewater and stormwater. RMW experts are active in the national debate about finance within the water sector and participate in blue-ribbon panels on the future of the sector in America. RMW is central to the reshaping of the water utility of the future, where these critical resource management institutions are transforming themselves into productive enterprises through water reuse, energy efficiency, materials recovery, and green technology. RMW works with tomorrow’s water and wastewater utilities to help them deliver significant contributions to regional economic growth, jobs, and a better quality of life.

RMW supports its clients through expert technical, economic and management services in the following areas (click each for more detail):

  • Utility effectiveness and competitiveness
  • Asset Management and capital programming
  • Market analysis and market entry strategies
  • Water sector value chain analysis
  • Economics, rate advisory, and cost recovery
  • Innovative project finance
  • Vulnerability analysis and security planning
  • Water resources management
  • Environmental management systems
  • Wet weather management and watershed strategies
  • Regulatory structuring and sectoral reform
  • Project development, finance, and transaction advice