Water Market Analytics

RMW experts have helped dozens of companies explore, enter, and expand within the US and overseas water markets by matching their strengths and competitive advantages to market opportunities. With more than 35 years of hands-on experience working in this market as both practitioner and analyst, RMW’s advantage is our unique command over market structure and dynamics. We take a systematic approach, as in the value chain diagram above, where the first step requires a comprehensive understanding of our client’s offerings, strengths, and weaknesses as well as a project- and firm-scale coverage of both demand and supply sides of the sub-market of interest. The second step is targeting — for partners, merger/acquisition candidates, suppliers, distributors, and the like. Third, we engage with our client to explore and create shareholder value through alternative market entry strategies. Often this requires valuing both real assets and intellectual property and modeling futures with and without potential business combinations. Fourth, we help our clients close the deal, with continued analytics around shareholder value, strategy, and real-time support during negotiations. After the deal has closed, we often continue to work as an implementation partner in the new business to assure delivery of forecasted shareholder value. Our work at this stage addresses people and organizations, business processes, and technology.

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