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At RMW, we know infrastructure.   More importantly, we know that we are successful only if our clients are successful. So, each day, we focus on delivering value. We do this by applying the full assets of the firm -- our people -- to solve client matters.  With decades of collective experience across a wide range of infrastructure economics, finance, engineering, corporate strategy, and market dynamics disciplines, our professionals work closely with your team to understand your objectives, discover critical data and information to inform decisions, develop alternatives that rely on deep analytics, and deliver solutions that work for you.

Our clients include the 200-300 largest water and wastewater utilities in the US; the engineering, legal, and technology suppliers to the water and wastewater utility sector; professional and advocacy organizations that represent this industry in Washington and the 50 states; private equity firms, banks, and other financial intermediaries that invest in infrastructure; and the donor agencies and Ministries worldwide that plan, design, finance, build, and operate infrastructure.

Call on Rubin Mallows for:

  • Utility effectiveness and competitiveness
  • Asset management and capital programming
  • Market analysis and market entry/growth strategies
  • Water sector value chain analysis
  • Economics, rate advisory, and cost recovery
  • Public and public-private project finance
  • Vulnerability analysis and security planning
  • Water resources management
  • Environmental management systems
  • Wet weather management and watershed strategies
  • Regulatory structuring and sectoral reform
  • Project development, finance, and transaction advice
  • Institutional effectiveness and efficiency improvement

We believe in the power of sustainability. At all scales from simple structures to entire communities, quality of life can be enhanced through sustainable design. Sustainability can be delivered with no incremental development costs if designed in at the outset rather than layered on after the fact. Triple bottom-line results are substantial — environmentally, we reduce effects of the built environment on the natural environment, retaining more indigenous habitat and open space, and leaving our waterways and air resources cleaner ; economically we achieve reduced costs of ownership, reduced infrastructure costs, and reduced demands on scarce natural resources; and socially, we achieve enhanced convenience and comfort and of course, a livable world that we can pass to our children with pride. These values have strong market appeal, for which consumers have demonstrated tangible preferences and as a result, reliable willingness to pay

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As trusted advisors and implementation partners, we work side-by-side with our clients.  Talk to us today about how we can help achieve your objectives, support your growth, make productive decisions, and put you on a solid track to success and profit.



Kenneth Rubin, PhD


For the last 40+ years, Dr. Rubin has provided engineering, economic, financial, and management consulting services to public and private clients worldwide. He consults regularly on matters of infrastructure, real estate, and industrial strategy, management, and operations. His domestic clients include public and private utilities, private equity firms, state and local governments, and public interest groups. Internationally, Dr. Rubin consults with utilities, private developers, port authorities, manufacturers, economic and trade development organizations, the US Agency for International Development, the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and foreign sovereign institutions on infrastructure development, urban and regional planning, and development of market-based alternatives to command and control regulatory programs.

Dr. Rubin is widely recognized as one of the leading experts on water sector policy, economics, finance, markets, management, and operations. He consults regularly to the industry on matters of national policy, market dynamics, and finance. His work for governments and the private sector has helped shape the debate on US water policy for more than three decades. He also has structured multi-million dollar water programs in more than 30 countries. His knowledge of US water markets has helped many US and international firms enter, compete, and thrive in the sector.

Prior to forming RMW, he successfully capitalized, launched, managed and sold his own infrastructure consulting firm, bought and sold other businesses, managed and sold one of two key business units of a publicly traded consulting firm, and developed several successful new international management consulting ventures. Between 2000 and 2008, he served as President and CEO of a $70 million US subsidiary of a UK-based international management consulting firm. As US Country Head, he guided the growth of the broader $200 million US business of 300+ consultants and represented it on the firm’s International Management Committee.

Primary Expertise:

• Public and Private Infrastructure

• Water Market Analytics and Market Entry Strategies

• Economics and Finance

• Asset Management

• Institutional Design

• Urban Environments

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